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"In any moment, everything is the only possible expression it can be. Seeing this doesn’t make everything pain-free or flow in a pleasant way. It simply acknowledges that, in any moment, life is whatever it is, and it’s not personal." -- Darryl Bailey, Essence Revisited: Slipping Past the Shadows of Illusion

One word: Ordinary.

One line: Part of a moving, shifting experience we call life, apparently.

One paragraph: I live in Devon, England. I'm married with three amazing children (all girls -- "girls are best" as our local GP told us). The day job: a lawyer working in-house for an engineering business. I used to work in private practice but it broke me, almost. Outside the day job, I'm a contemplative, coach and writer. My theme: awaken, to true self. All this means is pointing in the direction of the happening of this moment and inviting you to look at your direct experience of life.

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If you're interested, I offer a limited number of places for coaching clients where I ask you to consider your direct experience of life and what it means to awaken to true self.

Much love 💙, Ju.

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