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“Finally, I am coming to the conclusion that my highest ambition is to be what I already am. That I will never fulfill my obligation to surpass myself unless I first accept myself, and if I accept myself fully in the right way, I will already have surpassed myself.” ― Thomas Merton

I'll spare you the usual 'look at me' stuff. I'm just an ordinary bloke trying to make sense of my life.

I'm a consultant, coach and speaker in the professional services space. My brand, if you can call it that, is to help people close the gap between where they are and where they know they should be (not through the accretion of more -- success, stuff, and all that usual me too stuff -- but to come alive to true Self as written about by Thomas Merton and many others). I used to brand myself as a social media guru; those days are long gone. If I'm asked to speak it tends to be on the subject of living divided no more.

I'm married to Allison (Alli). We've been together since 1989 and married in 1992 -- I'd describe our relationship as Old School, namely all our peers couldn't stand the heat and have since gone through several new husbands/wives and partners whereas Alli and I have toughed it out.

I have three amazing kids: Evie, Hetty and Floz. They keep me seriously grounded, and tell me like it is. If they've made me more feminine then I've accepted that willingly but that doesn't mean I'm not a jerk from time to time.

I've two dogs, Alfie and Fidget, and one bearded dragon which was Floz's but I'm the only person keeping him alive right now -- he's indifferent to me, which suits me fine.

As to hobbies and interests, I'm a frustrated artist. I write, blog, draw, and like to write the odd poem on self-inquiry/contemplation. If truth be known, I'd like to give up the legal thingamabob and make my living from coaching and writing but Allison says I've 'responsibilities', which is probably a kinder way of saying that my work is average at best, but more likely no one's going to part with their hard-earned wonga at this stage. Still, I live in hope.

You can find me all over the web. Just Google 'Julian Summerhayes' and you'll see a gazillion bits and bobs -- they're mostly not worth investigating.

Apart from my kids and my wife, if you ask me what I'm most proud of I don't really have any high points to speak of. Yes, I cheated death in 2010 with a nasty bang to the head (not quite a stroke but you get my drift), but I feel in many ways the best is still to come.

I'm much more spiritual than I used to be. I like politics but feel that the whole paradigm needs to broken apart and rebuilt. And I ofter prefer my own company in nature to large groups.

If I could live in community or better still a monastic way of life, then that would suit me fine. I'm not materialistic, but I do like the design and feel of nice things (owned mostly by others).

I'm aging at an increasing rate but long ago got used to having no hair. I'm not looking forward to the day I can't hear, see properly or brush my own teeth but truth be told if I get to that sort of age, I'll know I've had a good innings.

My inspiration comes from the works of Thomas Merton and a few others in the same space but I'm less interested in theology as transformation. This isn't me being up my you-know-what but wanting to understand how to live at peace in a world that's intent on deforming my soul and yours.

And yes, this bio is work in progress and any slip-ups are entirely of my making.

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