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New bio

I've taken the plunge and updated mine.

This isn't a hint for you to look but it was refreshing to stand back and take a hard look at what I'm about and where I'm headed.
It certainly sounds like you are someone I want to know! It is odd how small the world gets, that we can make friends - real friends who know our inner voices - through such means as LiveJournal.

You made me go look at my own bio. I laughed at the half-assed way I updated it last Fall, updating the 2010 version to the 2015 version with just a few lines. I wonder if Future Me will be as different as I am from Past Me. It's a journey, isn't it?
It's lovely to hear from you and thanks for accepting my friend request. I thought your bio a great example of someone saying it as they saw it, and it made me reflect on the fact that I've lived a bit more than my boring, up to then bio!, was showing.

Keep up the morning pages.