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Sunday, 22 May 2016

Yesterday I Tweeted about reverting to LJ as a form of diary. (It's only one of the ways I see myself now writing to it.) I don't know whether to write in the morning -- what I hope to do -- or in the evening -- what I've done.

What do you think?

Today, as Mum is away, I'm in charge of Hetty (17) and Floz (12). Lots to do, although one's revising for exams and the other doing homework. When Mum gets back, I'll get out on my bike, perhaps for only one hour, but it's better than nothing. The rest of the day, will be the usual array of family stuff, and hopefully a bit of fun -- perhaps Floz and I can get to the beach. Who knows.

I hope to check in laters.

Have a great Sunday.

I have often benefited from and enjoyed your posts.
I use no other medium than LJ.
So, of course, my opinion of your use of LJ is pretty biased,