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  • Wed, 12:57: Anti-natalist utopia — David Benatar https://t.co/ervQqGrzgo
  • Wed, 14:25: Still haunts me watching this. https://t.co/rPrPakpJ8w
  • Wed, 17:41: I wonder if the HR sector will ever emerge from the shadow of compliance, enforcement and toeing the party line and instead become a benevolent force for employee good and well-being?
  • Wed, 18:59: I'e shared a lot of material on anti-natalism which I've only recently discovered but whatever side of the line you fall — soft/hard (i.e abolitionist) — it blows apart so many of our anthropocentric views. If you're interested, I'd start with this https://t.co/KzYOW4MATI
  • Wed, 19:16: This is what I'm battling against on so many fronts. I'm up for the fight. anthropocentric regarding humankind as the central or most important element of existence, especially as opposed to God or animals.
  • Wed, 19:21: In my house, I get a lot of stick for liking Miley Cyrus but I don't care. This cover always blows me away https://t.co/ajXTvRpAmQ
  • Thu, 04:34: "Man, you see, swings between nihilism and spirituality. Man, you see, swings between utmost bliss and the feelings of utter despair. It’s a rollercoaster, our lives. One can’t just go higher, higher all the time." — Abhaidev, The Influencer: Speed Must Have a Limit
  • Thu, 06:34: I just published: Are we past our sell-by date? https://t.co/uPzzBmVUnM
  • Thu, 06:57: Record $5bn donation to protect nature could herald new green era of giving https://t.co/aMumaYCz4J / what these articles never say is what damage, direct or indirect, the Billionaires have done in amassing their fortunes. Perhaps their donation is simply to assuage their guilt. https://t.co/E8OigcDAN4
  • Thu, 07:41: I wonder if people management, if there is such a thing, still has a future in our hybrid world?
  • Thu, 09:06: Net-zero is the biggest distraction yet. What we need is a conversation premised on less -- much less -- of everything. Or to put it another way, what's enough -- see the book by the same name by the late Jack Bogle https://t.co/C3lNKJrUTP
  • Thu, 09:10: So much of the climate change narrative is (still) based on anthropocentric exceptionalism. Until we consider that we are the problem and will always remain so, I don't see much changing, even with all the initiatives flooding the airwaves right now.
  • Thu, 09:33: Someone's tired. Join the club https://t.co/MR8bFmZFLa
  • Thu, 09:39: Being vegan now means lots of lovely pictures, a few recipe books and plenty of retail marketing. Sure, that's one side of things, which I guess has to be a good thing, but what about the horror of rearing and slaughtering billions of sentient animals? Has that taken a back seat?
  • Thu, 11:24: T-Rex whilst...not much.
  • Thu, 11:27: The next person to say "it's too bleak, too dark, too nihilistic", well, having tried to keep my chin up all these years I've realised that there is such a thing as depressive realism, no matter how uncomfortable that makes people feel.
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