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  • Thu, 13:50: The non-identity problem | Derek Parfit | EAGxOxford 2016 https://t.co/JIcCtzFmx2 / something for later.
  • Thu, 15:35: When did we (humans) fall under the spell of our self-importance to the detriment of everything else? Talk about taking a wrong turn.
  • Thu, 15:40: I wonder how much plastic I've injested over the course of my life? Something else to be screened for or, in time, will give rise to long-running litigation — not by me I hasten to add; I'll be long gone.
  • Thu, 16:04: I wonder if the environmental movement, in its broadest context, would be prepared to see the end of civilization (i.e. humans) if all other sentient life was saved?
  • Thu, 16:15: New poems. https://t.co/GtPRzG2fZN
  • Thu, 18:59: Nietzsche and Zapffe: Beauty, Suffering, and the Nature of Genius https://t.co/f2m3ie7rWR https://t.co/QZ5yTwiWL8
  • Thu, 19:07: I keep seeing people talk about pursuing something meaningful (What is the meaning of meaning?) but in pursuit of what? Perhaps being distracted by the banality of life.
  • Thu, 20:43: Back in the office tomorrow. First full day since 28 Feb 2020. Can't say I'm the least bit excited by the prospect.
  • Fri, 04:35: "Whenever it occurs, however it occurs, pessimism has but one effect: it introduces humility into thought. It undermines the innumerable, self-aggrandizing postures that constitute the human being." — Eugene Thacker
  • Fri, 06:49: Cold out there this morning. A rushed walk with the dogs before I head off to today's legal mayhem.
  • Fri, 08:13: We all know Brexit is sh*t but can we please ensure that we make that clear at the next general election and not vote these jokers back into power. Then again, the other parties are hardly making a convincing case for running the country.
  • Fri, 09:16: I wish I'd brought my Aeropress into the office. The coffee here sucks. I fear it's going to be a very long morning.
  • Fri, 10:12: The View from Mount Zapffe | Issue 45 | Philosophy Now https://t.co/EGq8BbT6qB / if you're interested to know more about Peter Zapffe. https://t.co/73eC5veGhk
  • Fri, 11:15: I'm not sure I understand the transhumanist argument that we can substantially improve the human design. In any event, given the state of technology, & the accelerating effects of the Anthropocene, there's unlikely to be many (if any) humans left with which to transhumanise them!
  • Fri, 11:16: For today's lunchtime walk — only 30 mins https://t.co/Fbxhbm5T2r
  • Fri, 11:21: Little did I think when I started down the road to consider the wider aspects of human culture, I'd be reading about pessimism, anti-natalism, EFILism and a whole bunch of stuff concerned with death/extinction. Perhaps that's because it's not as great as we (or I) think it is.
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