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  • Mon, 13:23: Another piece of pro bono work coming my way. At this rate, I'll be back in practice 😂.
  • Mon, 14:31: RT @Sir_Blizeek_: There's a tiktok account where this adorable little girl named Dylann keeps stealing food, and gets caught by her dad🥺😭😭…
  • Mon, 16:29: It's a long time since I had someone hang up on me. It's the most unhelpful way to deal with things -- and that's putting it mildly.
  • Mon, 16:46: “You are imperfect, you are wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging.” ― Brene Brown
  • Mon, 16:52: I spent a long time litigating cases but having qualified as a mediator in 2007, I was also a huge advocate of ADR. Trouble was, and I hope it's not still the case, most lawyers had an aversion to getting around the table before they'd racked up significant costs. So frustrating.
  • Mon, 17:06: My Google Pixelbook is one of the best bits of tech I've ever owned. Love it.
  • Mon, 17:09: Brandi Carlile - Right On Time https://t.co/WKnQVQeMxw / here now.
  • Mon, 17:20: Is the gift economy a myth?
  • Mon, 17:30: Francis Bacon: Fragments Of A Portrait https://t.co/rPRTHwjDhw / one of my fav artists alongside Rothko. https://t.co/CJ3RTS0QmS
  • Mon, 18:32: When did vaccines become so political?
  • Tue, 05:16: “It's possible to understand the world from studying a leaf. You can comprehend the laws of aerodynamics, mathematics, poetry and biology through the complex beauty of such a perfect structure. It's also possible to travel the whole globe and learn nothing.” ― Joy Harjo https://t.co/uUrkyFLOHb
  • Tue, 06:32: I just published What the hell are we teaching our kids? https://t.co/gYc3AKgImY
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