The Age of the Anthropocene

Sorry for my absence.

I'm still writing, still sharing, still troubled aloud.

And here's the thing: we're in the middle of the 6th mass extinction and either we don't feel it strongly enough (for the record, I'm sure that's not the case!) or we're indifferent to the tentacles of its annihilation; namely, we've given up on giving a s***.

Sadly, I can't escape its clutches and right now I'm up to my neck trying to navigate a pathway between nihilism, misanthropy and a whole raft of human-centred problems. For the record, I think net-zero 2050 et al. is a smokescreen.

I'll get through but it's bloody painful. Of course, not nearly as dire as the situation whereby I've lost my house, all my possessions and my sanity.

Sorry if it's all a bit bleak but unlike others, when you live without hope what else is there to talk about?


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