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Looking at Content through a Wider Lens

How many times have you heard someone talk about the importance of content?

I wish, in many ways, the saying "Content is King" had never been coined. It doesn't tell the full (or any) story.

Content means so much more:

  1. It supports all the internal initiatives;

  2. It underpins change management;

  3. It provides your people with the clarity they need to know the direction of the business;

  4. It focuses the message that you are trying to deliver internally and externally;

  5. It helps your people remain motivated;

  6. It enables you to develop an ongoing relationship with your customers;

  7. It enables you to learn from your customers;

  8. It enables you to deliver on earned (push) media and divert some of your budget from paid (advertising) media;

  9. It makes the most of your intellectual capital;

  10. It delivers results over the long haul.

The problem for most businesses is that content isn't high enough up the agenda, and lacks the strategic import that is critical to delivering on the above. It may be conjecture, but I would be surprised if many directors or owners thought proactively about content. For them content is something that 'is' rather than offering the potential of being 'more'.

Social media hardly helps. How many times have I heard people talk about one platform after another, without so much as a scintilla of time being devoted to leveraging their creative genius. Of course, you can hire in a writer or journalist, but have you taken the time to understand the internal capability beyond the usual suspects?

Every business dreams of the day that people beat a path to their door with zero effort. They want to make the process of lead generation, lead conversion and client fulfilment friction free. In the good old days of paid media, you were assured of at least hitting the first two if you spent your socks off. But, nowadays, we all know that advertising has fallen off a cliff, and the experience has to be much more focused on your buyer persona.

If you are serious about your business, find a way of joining the content dots - your people to your customers; marketing to IT; and the Board to business development (however that looks).

One last thing. If you think this is someone else's job then fine. But for heaven's sake make sure they are the creative linchpin you can rely on to deliver the World's best content for your business.


If you think I can help you unlock your content goldmine don't be afraid to reach out an connect on Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn or pick up a phone to me on +44(0) 7588 815384).

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