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  • Thu, 05:09: "Life can be magnificent and overwhelming -- that is the whole tragedy. Without beauty, love, or danger it would almost be easy to live." — Albert Camus https://t.co/Gg1pUKbnwr
  • Thu, 06:54: I just published 'The third act of life' https://t.co/lstNPbtDx1
  • Thu, 08:30: The legal profession is awash with people management illiteracy – if there’s even such a thing. The only test appears to be that if you can bill a shed load of cash, then that’s your meal ticket to (people) management. This idea was and is completely lost on me.
  • Thu, 09:11: Do crunch times liberate us from our thinking or do they congeal and solidy what's already there?
  • Thu, 09:32: If our technology is so magical, I wonder why it's come to be our master and not our servant?
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