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  • Wed, 13:48: I wonder how many lawyers have the ability to speak to someone outside the firm about their careers? More to the point, if the service was available, I wonder how many would take advantage of it, knowing that they might be told the firm can never offer what they're truly seeking.
  • Wed, 16:45: here now https://t.co/tirXSIB2mf
  • Wed, 17:26: It's been said so many times, but you can never listen enough.
  • Wed, 17:33: I've heard it said many times that a company's greatest asset is its people. Does anyone really believe that?
  • Wed, 18:51: It used to be a thing for companies to talk about vision, mission and purpose. What now, in the age of the Anthropocene?
  • Wed, 19:05: Just this. My friend Yves is a wise person and always makes me think deeply. https://t.co/hsILTDk05O
  • Thu, 05:07: Mornin'. I'm ready to start another day of legal and creative magix. Well, sort of... Coffee first.
  • Thu, 05:44: “The mind can go in a thousand directions, but on this beautiful path, I walk in peace. With each step, the wind blows. With each step, a flower blooms.” ― Thich Nhat Hanh
  • Thu, 06:45: I am not a number https://t.co/WlRyHnLxbH https://t.co/55GMumxcDQ
  • Thu, 07:28: out an about. a short poem today 🌿 https://t.co/wf2dLHEdHQ
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