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  • Mon, 12:22: Do we underthink but overwork [ourselves]?
  • Mon, 16:45: BBC Radio 4 - In Our Time, The Philosophy of Solitude https://t.co/Fd3pCaSW77 / here now. https://t.co/50lNECj29t
  • Mon, 17:56: RT @profwolff: There will be no economic boom after the pandemic. Watch this short clip from my latest #GlobalCapitalism lecture, produced…
  • Mon, 18:01: The industrial revolution. We make stuff. It doesn't last. We buy more stuff. Still, things are a lot better than before. We keep growing only interrupted by a few bumps along the way. And then? There's a problem. The planet can't support our greed & expectations. We stop. 1/2
  • Mon, 18:27: In work, why do we allow such a small group of people -- i.e. the directors and shareholders -- to dictate our (working) lives?
  • Mon, 19:23: I've labelled myself too many things. Some I've believed in, a few I've been quite indifferent to and the rest, who bloody knows! The thing is, despite all my crass negativity, I still believe in humanity — rich and deep with meaning.
  • Mon, 19:31: My law degree was average. The Legal Practice Course a money making exercise and being a solicitor was a numbers game. So sad because law is such a beautiful, rewarding career — or should be — but it's been corrupted to the point where it's just another job.
  • Tue, 05:04: Our mental chains are 'stronger' than the physical ones.
  • Tue, 05:56: “Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” ― C.G. Jung
  • Tue, 07:21: Robert Bly: To Feel Grandiose and Worthless https://t.co/t1pZZPozzv
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