jusummerhayes (jusummerhayes) wrote,

We can't live this way, forever

How long do you think it will last?

Retail that is?

100 years?

200 years?


I bet you've not even thought about it given you'll be dead long before these milestones are reached. But the truth of the matter is that we don't need retail. No, it needs us. From where I sit, leaving food out of the equation, if we stopped today buying stuff, we'd still have more than enough to last us a lifetime and not have to visit another store or press another 'buy' button (if, of course, we allowed things to move through society and not rest with each of us, i.e. we would have to get comfortable with sharing and the economy of barter).

You might think I've been on a rant this week -- not in the least; oh sure, I've been turned wildly on to the circular economy by virtue of my passion for sustainability, but I now see what it means to live our lives according to the Twin Trail in a manifest way.

I recognise that for some (make that most) this is all a bit tiresome, but you're surely not that selfish where you're happy to sit on your hands and take no interest? If that's the case, then it only reinforces the view of people like Osho and Thomas Merton that we're automatons with such wildly inflated egos as to be blind to the obvious.

The thing is if we cared, even to a very small extent, about our future existence, i.e. our children, then there's no way we could carry on living this way. At the very least, we'd stop buying crap and look at ways of recycling everything we use to the point where rubbish would be a thing of the past. For me, I intend to change the way I live, and do my very best to:

  1. stop buying all but the most essential of goods;

  2. learn ways to recycle and compost my rubbish;

  3. learn new skills that will help me in my quest to fully embrace sustainability;

  4. learn more about the implementation of the circular economy;

  5. talk more openly about the circular economy;

  6. live my life according to the Twin Trail; and

  7. develop my writing to embrace the themes of sustainability, nature, simplicity, frugalism and spirituality.

I'm well aware that I'm setting the bar very high and giving myself a lot to live up to but I can't see I've any other option. For a start, I can't see how I can be at peace internally if I'm challenged daily with the wanton destruction of the environment etc. I could disengage from the whole shitty mess and immerse myself in a world of meditation, contemplation and kindness, but that wouldn't leave me whole, hence my reference to the Twin Trail.

But what about you?

Where do you stand on the environment, nature and consumption?



Acceptance (or our fate)?

Frankly, it's none of my business, but I sure as hell hope that you don't think this style of living can carry on indefinitely?

I do recognise, having not written on Livejournal about these issues, that I'm just as likely to turn people seriously off but I've never been one to pursue the line of least resistance, and certainly not pamper to the masses. In other words, I'm content to put myself in harm's way and for people to challenge my sudden, and new-found zeal. If nothing else, it might just make you consider your own environmental footprint.

Onwards, forever onwards.


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