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  • Sun, 16:17: Just about to watch the film on Hannah Arendt where she reported for the New Yorker magazine on the war crimes trial of the Nazi Adolf Eichmann. It's where we get the expression: "The banality of evil".
  • Sun, 17:56: When I think about how bad CV19 has been, I still find myself thinking about the way we might reset humanity to see the world anew. Trouble is, everything I read talks about returning to the past; and then I'm left thinking: that's what got us into this unholy mess.
  • Sun, 17:57: RT @oloal: At the time of his untimely death, I wrote more specifically about I what I think we can learn here. It remains one of my most p…
  • Sun, 18:07: My reading 📚 of late: James Hillman, Ernest Becker and Albert Camus. Why? What for? The simple truth is I don't know but something is waking up in me, something (I think) that's been there for a very long time. Right now, law seems quite remote.
  • Sun, 19:05: @MalcolmCurley1 you should come to South Brent. It would lighten things up enormously 😁.
  • Mon, 06:00: “Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.” ― Soren Kierkegaard
  • Mon, 07:10: The Hollow Men by T S Eliot @all_poetry https://t.co/ozbVaZ1IpP / here right now!
  • Mon, 09:01: A reader in law. Is that a job? What about something with a more interdisciplinary approach?
  • Mon, 09:09: At work, do we ever say what we really think?
  • Mon, 10:02: I wonder why we've made so little progress on the human level? Sure, we know loads more, there are 'models' aplenty and there are always examples of excellence but we still struggle to get along with each other.
  • Mon, 10:41: "However, reducing young people to the status of economic losers without including them in the conversation is dehumanising. This treats young people as passive objects instead of active participants in their own lives." / Seriously, is this what education has become? https://t.co/h3zFzfjCsh
  • Mon, 11:07: Thanks @Riverford for another exceptional veg box. Fresh broad beans this week. My absolute fav thing.
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