jusummerhayes (jusummerhayes) wrote,

Less is so much more

I long for the day when I hear an economist, politician or business leader talk about the pursuit of less, and not as another marketing ploy but with absolute conviction.

To me as a lay person -- what do I know? -- it seems so obvious.

I joked the other day that in years to come there will be a whole industry in digging up landfill sites for metals, plastics and other creature comforts by dint of the fact that there's nothing left to consume -- ha ha. Think about it, if we carry on with our linear-based economy there will be absolutely nothing left!

Look around you. If you're like me, I've acquired much more than I actually need -- more books, more bikes, more toys -- and yet at every turn we're still told we need more. But it's all BS. What we need to do is make better use of what we've got and look at a ways in which we can share everything with our fellow man/woman. As to recycling, whilst we have inbuilt obsolescence, it's nearly impossible to conceived how some of the crap we've acquired will live beyond the next decade.

I know this message is a really tired, hackneyed one, but, frankly, it can't be repeated often enough -- at least that's how I see the future. (I'm not particularly political but if there's one issue that's likely to push me into the space it's this -- the need to live within our means, consume much, much less and respect every living creature.)

PS. Even though my parents went about things in the wrong way, perhaps their take on frugality wasn't all bad after all. 

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