jusummerhayes (jusummerhayes) wrote,

Do you really care about the planet?

“Consume less; share better.-- Herve Kempf

I wrote my undergraduate dissertation on sustainability and the planning system, and, on qualifying as a lawyer, it was my intention to do something in the environmental space. But it never happened -- I suspect money and or (faux) success intervened. It therefore seems slightly ironic that I find myself once again pulled by the need to talk about and more particularly do something about the destruction to our planet. In very simple terms, I abhor the notion of ownership, namely how, as a species, we operate as if  we own every living or inanimate thing.

We don't. Period.

The thing is we all know that if we go on consuming at our current rate there will be little left for the next generation let alone the one after that. Perhaps we can't think of any other economy than a capitalist one, but until we recognise that said economy is killing us and the planet, one assumes we'll continue to be seduced into buying the next shiny toy or piece of crap that's wafted in our direction by another banal and self-serving piece of advertising.

Ask yourself a few simple questions:

  1. Do you own too much?

  2. Do you desire too much?

  3. Why do you covet material success?

  4. Why do you directly or indirectly kill so many things?

  5. Why do you think you own Mother Earth?

  6. Do you think that by doing nothing someone else will solve our ecological problems?

  7. Do you care about your children when buying goods, eating animals and living a non-sustainable life?

Now I recognise how tendentious these questions are -- they go to our personhood in many cases -- but the truth of the matter is that until we start taking sustainability much more seriously, I fear that by the end of this century we will see at least one if not more apocolyptic events that will cause us to question our very existence on this beautiful planet; but even that, one suspects, won't be enough to stop us from consuming -- we're hard wired to operate this way.

For me I know that I can longer stand on the sideliness and need to get involved to a much greater extent. That means investing more of my time in the 'Green movement', rekindling my passion for nature, speaking out on subjects that get very little attention and generally doing more to walk the sustainability talk. But most of all I've got to look at my own footprint and question deeply how much I really need to exist and live a contemplative life.

PS. I was wondering what I should write about on Livejournal. Whilst I'm not committing to writing only on the enviroment it seems as good a place as any to hone my message, point a finger at the wanton destruction and generally cause a ruckus.

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