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  • Sun, 12:48: The start of this week's very clear ideas investigation. Like I say in my bio, "always the more beautiful question[s]". Time to put my money where my mouth is! https://t.co/wtA9aYqXgZ
  • Sun, 16:12: "All rights in living forms are species specific and limited. Birds have bird rights. Insects have insect rights. Humans have human rights. Difference in rights is qualitative, not quantitative." — Thomas Berry #earthlaw #ecocide
  • Sun, 16:33: Continuing to watch Wild Wild Country. #osho
  • Sun, 17:26: 📷 kiyoshi-yamaguchi-photography: S I L E N C E     2 0 2 1 . 2021-Feb-21. Lake Ogawara, Misawa, Japan. https://t.co/2BLEnJ5PdM
  • Sun, 17:30: I need to read more of James Baldwin.
  • Mon, 05:09: 📷 ardley: Monochrome in the Woods Photographed by Freddie Ardley - Visit Print Shop https://t.co/mv5skAcdCE
  • Mon, 06:00: "Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them." — James Baldwin
  • Mon, 06:56: Education https://t.co/6IaCDfaqkb / today's little blog post #life #work #spirit #earth https://t.co/1cT8hryvgd
  • Mon, 08:42: Does anyone remember their first watch? Mine was a Timex that my grandparents bought me. It looked a little bit like this one https://t.co/xFDZmCR1XL
  • Mon, 09:02: I was struck on my morning walk about all the things that have died or disappeared in my lifetime. Certainly something to reflect on and invite a question or two about what that means for the next generation.
  • Mon, 09:48: 17+ Writing Apps to Brainstorm, Draft, Edit, and Publish Your Work https://t.co/IslzCxnQOL https://t.co/N6hjSeSEAe
  • Mon, 09:55: "There is good news about our reliance on judgment, though. We are able to learn, we are innately creative, and we have a remarkable ability to see the signal in the noise. In fact, we are so good at this that sometimes we see signals that aren’t there." -- Eric Ries
  • Mon, 10:08: My love of old things also extends to classic fountain pens. The oldest I've got is from 1930 -- a Parker Duofold -- but it doesn't work https://t.co/g5DjlrVlwF. The best one for writing is a Platinum 3776 in fine. Such a great pen.
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