A wandering mind

Did I read correctly? 

Our attention span is less than a goldfish.

Even if apocryphal, speaking personally, I'm so easily distracted.

(You too?)

It's okay if I'm doing something I enjoy or very mundane (e.g. sweeping the floor) but the rest of the time, I'm all over the place.

I'm trying to get better. 

My 'practice' is now focused on stopping what I'm doing and taking a number of slow inward breaths. The slower the better. It's amazing how quickly I'm brought back to the present moment. (On my computer, that sinkhole of time, I've added a Chrome extension that sounds a bell every 15 minutes. I always stop what I'm doing, close my eyes, listen to the bell (I've set it to be struck four times) and at the same time breathe in and hold my breath, before gently exhaling.)

I know, it all sounds desperately contrived. 

So what?

What's wrong with a bit of practice? 

You might ask, why bother? What's wrong with a bit of distraction? Because I feel so much better in myself when I'm not running around looking for something entertaining or interesting to fill up my time. I think that's another reason why over the last six months I've returned to reading, if only because providing the book holds my interest, it's one of the best ways to settle my busy mind and not allow myself to think about what I've got to do, or what I might have done different? 

(As a lawyer, I'm always questioning my judgment.)

The other thing that's worth remarking on is the fact that my ad nausea comments about simplicity are tied in with this fragmented and distracted way of operating in a world that's constantly vying for my attention. 

Less = more, always. 

I've made a start. At the weekend, I sorted out all my clothes. I'm now down to the bare essentials. The only thing I've still to sort is my shoes, which will take a bit more of a wrench but at least two or three pairs need to go. After that, as I've already said, I'm going to go through our house one room at a time. It's not such a big deal on the distraction front but I'll feel heaps better once (as an example) I've got rid of all those blasted mugs that seem to gather dust faster than I can count them.

In the end, though, how we live our life, is how we live it. All I know is that as I've aged I've come to see and recognise those aspects of myself that cause me angst and rushing here and there and being out of myself makes me seem like I'm on speed — which, for the record, I've never touched. And I don't like that. Instead, if there was such a thing as grace under pressure then I'd like to embody that in my thoughts, deeds and demeanour. If that sounds pretentious then perhaps just being calmer and not acting up might be a better way to put it.

We'll see. 

What is it they say?

practice makes perfect 

Have a good one.


— Ju

Photo by gaspar manuel zaldo on Unsplash


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