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You may have wondered why the silence on juliansummerhayes.com, particularly given my previous proclivity: I regularly blogged every day, but certainly no less that two/three times a week.

There are a number of reasons:

1. To get clarity with my message;
2. To adopt a minimalist theme;
3. To clean up my site;
4. My message is (and was) more than social media;
5. To take stock of where I am going with my business.

I am almost there - wording, format and calls to action - and it would be good, once I have finished the rebuild, to get your feedback.

You will see that I have now fully dropped the Matryoshka font (Brand You went a while ago), and I have stripped out a lot of the pages, which I thought were cluttering up my site.

The aim going forward is to further develop my speaking practice, develop a wider coaching practice than social media and write and publish non-fiction and poetry.

As I have previously hinted at, I have taken a leaf out of my own book and been working with an amazing coach/mentor on refining my proposition. For me, I have always known that my desire to empower others to become the most of anything would overtake my fascination with social media. And so it has proved. I feel confident that I have a lot more to offer than just social media. The strap line 'Awakening the Genius Within' has not been plucked out of thin air or dreamt up on the fly. And it goes way beyond a resonance with my inner psyche.

Once the blog is brought fully to life, I intend to map out more of the story, and one, I hope, that will help others see their life's potential.

I'm really sorry if I haven't been as forthcoming as I know I should have been, but I felt a little bashful about revealing too much until I was confident of my messaging.

Of course, for many people, or at least those that have followed me from the outset, you will have seen me surf at the edges of my identity with the occasional weekend post off message. Well from now on there will be no half measure. Yes, I might still write about social media but only in the context of my credo. Frankly, I am done with trying to tell people about the latest nuance or hack of social media, particularly when so few people are prepared to invest the blood, sweat and tears in developing their persona. It may sound uncharitable, but too many people think they can put a few coins in the social media slot and Hey Presto out will pop some new line of business or another. The fact is social media will never be anything more than a nice, clean communication channel; but it will not deliver if you don't deliver content that has the power to move people to action in an ethical, trustworthy way.

I could go on but instead I would rather let my new presence and content do the talking.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

- JS

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