Language is everything

I've said this before:

language is everything.

But it is.

Every single word.

Not just that but it's the quality, timbre and cadence of your thoughts because they come well before your utterances.

Of late (certainly since the weekend — haha) I've been checking in on myself having noticed how dour and po-faced I've become.

I'm trying, therefore, to check myself before I say too much. Some may confuse this with a dark brooding shadow, others, one of my typical sulks, but I know I need to quieten the inner chatter and then when I do speak it's more measured, and surprisingly well, if not upbeat, less knee-jerk to the extant language or media that's in my bailiwick. 

And I feel better. Not heaps, but I know my language is kinder and certainly (which is a good thing) there's less profanity. (It had gotten out of control.)

Does this sound contrived? You bet. Then again, even in the noticing bit I'm bound to ask, "Why now?". I don't know. Perhaps the Gods are trying to tell me to lighten up, to stop being so hard on myself or the world but it might be nothing of the sort. You know how these things go: first, it's this, then that and if you're lucky some of the better or nicer or more loving bits stick.

Anyhow, call it a practice if you wish but for now, it's something I'm intent on fashioning my days.

Take care.

Much love,

— Ju

Photo by Warren Wong on Unsplash


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