a simple life

“Simple things are the most difficult ones; they enquire much more than one thought of ordinariness.”
Laura Chouette

no words are needed, save to say: it ain't easy.

you know that.

I'm not talking about another faux marketing trick; instead, about getting rid of everything, even some of your much-vaunted life-ballast, that weighs you down.

in my case (sorry, you're probably not that interested but where else do I start?), with all the normal places closed to take a lot of my stuff — especially the books — I'd be forced to sell everything online, and whilst I'm not discounting that option, it's something that I find tiring and my heart's not really in it. instead, I'd much prefer to give my stuff to a deserving home (e.g. a charity) and be done with it. I think the local tip is open but, again, I'm not one to destroy perfectly serviceable material just to feed my ego.

but why?

why am I drawn to a simple life?

it's a good question, and I'm not sure I'm able to answer it straight off the bat. one reason, as melancholic at it sounds, is I don't want to leave my family to sort through all the crap I leave behind. then again, I'm not a fan of inherited wealth and that goes for the material goods that might have some value (a few pens and bikes perhaps). but that's not really it. I think it has more to do with the fact that it draws my attention away from being at peace. I know that sounds a bit grand, even slightly pompous, but that's the best I can do to describe things. 

even now, as I sit here typing these few words I've got a gaggle of fine-looking pens in my line of sight and I'm asking myself:

"what the hell is that all about?"

I don't expect you to understand less still agree with what I'm saying but I know that I've got a nasty habit, particularly when I'm not focused on the job in hand, to drift off into buying a few things. I'm not, or at least I don't think so, a materialist — but then again I must be, surely?

let's assume I manage to rid myself of all my stuff that still won't get me to the Promised Land by dint of the fact that my house is awash with unwanted stuff — most of it I'm sad to say is stuffed away in the loft which needs a serious and organised declutter. it's a long story but when we moved from our last house, we should have been ruthless in disposing of a lot of the kids' stuff but my wife, being a hoarder, refused to give up the material ghost; I don't blame her but it's time to pass the baton over to the kids and let them decide what they'd like to keep. 

assuming I get to a point where we're down to the bare essentials, then what? I'm not sure. sorry, that's not very helpful but if my past life is anything to go by, and as I've already hinted at, I'm convinced that: a) I'll be able to bring more of my creative and lifeforce attention to the job at hand; and b) I'll be happier. 

Yes, that's it. 

less = more. 

now, of course, I can't know that but if I/we don't try then we'll never know. 

perhaps it's time for me to start the 'before and after' project, if only to show you what a few hours of hard graft and judicious pruning can achieve. 

and this time I hope it's not another flash in the let's-simplify-my-life pan.


— Ju

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