Where the f*ck did it all go wrong?

guilty as charged

So why are you saying anything?

'Cos I feel compelled, always, to be troubled out loud for what reason I'm not sure but I'm sad that my generation — particularly my earth-gobbling one — couldn't see, still can't see, the error of their egregious, materialistic ways.

I know: we (still) believe that if we have it all — e.g. the house, car, job, fancy title and all the bells and material whistles — that we'll be happy.

But we're not.

In fact, I think we're deeply depressed, notwithstanding this god-awful pandemic.

When will it ever end?

Like my slightly victorian parents used to say (they're both still alive):

when it's all gone, it's all gone.

No sh*t!

But it's true but this time we're playing for keeps. It's the real deal. People will die, biodiversity will be nuked and what will be left will be so denuded of life that it will be a miserable existence for those that have clung on by their fingertips.

Perhaps we don't see the link. Then again, that's silly given, in particular, save for the heating and lighting aspects of our lives, the fossil fuel companies rely on our materialistic ways to keep with the earth-wrecking programme. Imagine it: no cars, planes, ships, plastic — especially this horrendous material — and all the other harmful material that's washed up on shores, they wouldn't have a business.

Ah, you're such a gloomy SOB, Summerhayes!

Indeed I am, but at what stage will we say enough?

Perhaps that's not the right question to ask.

Who knows?

Anyhow, if you can, enjoy your day.


— Ju

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