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  • Mon, 13:15: The experience of life https://t.co/3h2IjA8mbK https://t.co/01HhxUR25D
  • Mon, 14:22: Mrs S gets her first dose of the vaccine today (no idea which one but I assume Pfizer). That's the right thing for her and the vulnerable patients that she's still seeing.
  • Mon, 17:00: There is a huge opportunity for lawyers to help in the fight to save the planet. But I wonder how many go to work (WFH) with that as their sine qua non? I wish I did but there's still time, or at least I'd like to think there was.
  • Mon, 18:46: @feastsandfables PS. This week's newsletter was epic. Have you thought about doing any podcasts with guests? I've a few in mind including my good friends @andowrites @patrickrhone and @DrSteveMarshall.
  • Mon, 19:04: Why does music always bring me to tears?
  • Mon, 19:28: @janhoglund I saw you were reading P. D. Ouspensky today. I've tried but not managed to finish a single book. I wonder why? Thomas Merton. That's another story. Actually, it's Bukowski that still holds my attention.
  • Tue, 06:00: “I look at you and my heart pounds, when for years, I don't think it beat at all. You fill the cracks and crevices, take away the emptiness. And when you're not by my side, the loss is unimaginable.” ― Kelly Moran, Exposure
  • Tue, 07:00: Free-floating content https://t.co/DuFnJUjfFA / today's little blog offering https://t.co/QqWAF87WS5
  • Tue, 08:28: Why do successive governments so spectacularly fail the people they're supposed to 'serve'?
  • Tue, 09:11: Coffee time. https://t.co/TfjesNdhgn
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