Turning over another leaf

Happy New Year.

I don't know the time in your neck of the woods, but I hope you managed to make the best of things and didn't get too drunk 🤣!

The heading is correct. 

Why not new?

Indeed. Why not a new leaf?

Because each moment is unique and that's good enough for me. 

I'd like to think that I can morph into a new version of moi but somehow I don't think so. I'm still going to be riven with the same insecurities, foibles and gifts (god willing) as the day before but...if I can at least continue to work on my sh*t, then I'll take that as my 2021 resolution.

To give it a bit more granularity, these are a few things in the mix:

Being a better husband.
And dad.
Being more loving.
Not taking myself too seriously.
Writing more.
Ditto exercise.
Drink less.
Eat more raw foods.
And...to stop swearing quite so much 😉.

As to the rest: bring it on.

But I'm serious. Deadly so. 

I will try as best I know how to keep pushing on, taking one day at a time. 

Much love ❤️, Ju

Photo by Warren Wong on Unsplash


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