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  • Thu, 15:31: @BizDeclares I've stumbled across your website, which I like. Can I enquire though why so few law firms feature? I can only see one. Surely that can't be right.
  • Thu, 16:08: We love our pets but why do we have so little regard for pigs, sheep, chickens and all other sentient beings that we rear purely to be eaten?
  • Thu, 18:44: Daughter #1 won't be coming home for Christmas. Mum and I are gutted but she has to self-isolate as her housemate has Covid. She's negative so far. I know she'll make it super special and we'll celebrate when we next see her.
  • Thu, 18:46: Who's the best science fiction writer? It's a genre that I've never really explored.
  • Fri, 05:05: TGIF but let's see what the day offers. Blessed of course. (It's pitch black outside, of course. The picture is of Penstave Woods in the Summer 🌿). https://t.co/wifObxHFdU
  • Fri, 06:00: “I'll figure out how to be truer: to let people go if they need to be let go of, and to hold on tight if that's what's called for. I will pay attention, so I can cross each human heart that comes across my path, cross it as true as I can.” ― Laura Pritchett, Sky Bridge
  • Fri, 07:00: Time passes https://t.co/GVxNEFfV5L / today's little blog offering. https://t.co/DlgafqGmcU
  • Fri, 11:21: Anyone on Twitter know much about Deep Ecology?

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    Sat, 13:47: Happy 21st @ summerhayesh #fresh https://t.co/fbWtFeVnJH Sun, 09:30: Quietmusic by @ musicinablender to start my Sunday.…

  • Going away.

    I'm off social media. About time.

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    Tue, 15:37: I'm beginning to think that when it comes to the climate emergency, the whole subject of population ethics/anti-natalism is a taboo…

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