Too late

"You can't tell 'em that.

They'd self-medicate to oblivion."

These aren't the exact words (or even a very subtle interpretation) of the track 'Fate' from Stephen Jenkinson and Gregory Hoskins's new album but it will do for now.

We all know it, right?

It's too late to save the planet; too late to stem the flow of capital; too late to repay the world's debt; and, possibly, too late to save our souls? 

From what?

Us, of course.

We're the only ones responsible for the state of world affairs.

I know, it's so sad, so desperate and, well, so hopeless.

I'm not suggesting we give up (well, not yet!) or turn our backs on this calamitous affair but in all seriousness, do we honestly expect all these vacuous proclamations about net-zero carbon, whether by 2050 or earlier, will make a jot of difference in the long run?

I don't think so.

In fact, not that I'll be around to know the outcome but the story, surely, or the more pressing issue is whether, qua the age of the Anthropocene, we're going to take our foot off the death-death gas long enough to see what the world could be and could become again.

I mean, it's not like we've not seen this in our lifetime; you only need think back (at least in the UK) to the earliest days of lockdown #1 to appreciate how quickly and in some cases thoroughly nature and our living systems were able to return to something resembling normal.

What am I trying to say?

Change the story — at least a little. Tell our children so that they can tell theirs that we didn't or rather couldn't change how companies operated (see the wonderful book 'Ecocide' by David Whyte), or negate the insatiable growth of capitalism but, most especially of all, it appeared that our mindset precluded us from making the necessary or in some cases any change to allow for a major course correction in the demise of this once great planet.

Oh, Summerhayes, you can be so depressing!

Indeed I can, but when I say I'm troubled out loud, this, I'm afraid to say, is often where my muse takes me.

Take care.

Blessings, Ju.


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