Listen to your soul

...but we seldom do.

Really listen to our innermost self.

Mostly, we're distracted by distraction, that, or a need to get on or through the day as fast as humanly possible.

I generalise (mostly for effect) but, seriously, how many of us live out a life tuned in to the way we truly feel and experience the world?

Perhaps it's overstating the mark, but in that state there's a oneness — no fight or flight but a real connection to something that could be heaven-sent.

What is it?

That's mostly the question we try to answer through our work (...more fails than successes, sadly), or religion, or faith or seeking after something better than now

Perhaps that's how it's meant to be; namely, we live a half-life or certainly something disconnected from our higher powers.

I accept (and there's a large exhale as I say this) this sounds so wishy-washy and offers no solution but in case you hadn't noticed, I've long since given up on offering another moribund, 7-Step plan or whatever else is in vogue to crack the 'problem'. 

No, if I've any advice (it's more a subtle whisper to be honest), it's to consider why you've yet to discover your thing or to grow into the person you feel is your inalienable right. And when I say consider, I mean it more in a contemplative, prayer-like way than I do to thrash around in the weeds. I'm not saying that you're not already doing that but, trust me, having had my conscience woken by a nasty whack to the head (the gods were telling me something for sure), and gone on the hunt for a unidimensional answer, only latterly — say the last few years — has it occurred to me that perhaps, just perhaps, I'm doing my thing and I'm as deeply connected as I'll ever be. Oh sure, I keep putting out these little slips of digital paper which makes it look like I'm struggling to find my way but I'm not, really — and I know that at the deepest, most profound level.

I mean, if it were otherwise, I wouldn't be here now typing these few words, listening to some wonderful jazz and feeling as deeply connected as I'll ever feel.

Take care.

Much love, Ju.  


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