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  • Mon, 18:01: Why do we only talk about missing people, in a brokenhearted way, when they're no longer here? Why can't we exhibit and show that emotion when they're still here?
  • Tue, 05:32: "Meditation is for many a foreign concept, somehow distant and foreboding, seemingly impossible to participate in. But another word for meditation is simply awareness. Meditation is awareness." — Stephen Levine, A Gradual Awakening https://t.co/liHTAcDwQX
  • Tue, 06:04: Life is habit forming (AIN'T IT SO), and it's nice to find myself back to my early-morning routine that previously was so productive and creative.
  • Tue, 07:00: A lost culture https://t.co/s8YHSSBFZl / today's little blog offering. https://t.co/rUueJ0pw1z
  • Tue, 07:41: It's cold this morning. Not quite ready for gloves but I definitely need a few more layers. https://t.co/QWLHzgqe4A
  • Tue, 08:57: Non disclosure agreements (NDAs). Does anyone ever read the damn things? Too many I see look like they've come out a vending machine where someone keeps pressing 'F5'.
  • Tue, 09:06: I keep hearing the regnant label 'food standards' bandied about. No doubt, if not upheld, inferior and health-limiting in so many ways. But how about paying as much attention to the animals (pigs, chickens, cows) who have such sh*t lives all in the name of what? Consumption!
  • Tue, 09:11: I've never understood the concept let alone the cultural narrative of 'earning a living'. We don't earn life anymore than we avoid or cheat death. Life is a gift, and I'd be first to admit (to fall on my sword) that I've eviscerated too much of my life obsessed with work.
  • Tue, 10:24: The great thaw: global heating upends life on Arctic permafrost – photo essay https://t.co/ga2CYHhhtG https://t.co/GQSj0if5Ht
  • Tue, 11:41: Max Richter - Mercy / love this https://t.co/15aMidqOdp

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