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  • Wed, 15:16: I hear the phrase sudden death and I've seen and been involved in a few, and without wanting to appear grossly insensitive, knowing that we're all dying and will die, what makes it sudden? #diewise #grief
  • Wed, 17:00: “The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear.” ― Rumi
  • Wed, 19:24: Walking has been my salvation over lockdown. God knows what I'd have done if I hadn't been able to go outside and explore — with Alfie 🐶 of course.
  • Wed, 19:30: Such an important message from Charlie. Someone you should be following. https://t.co/zvQiiDgdqn
  • Thu, 05:20: Another early shift in progress. Still, the coffee is poured and there's music playing https://t.co/j84kjkCwfp. https://t.co/Mplqgm6zH5
  • Thu, 06:00: “Your own attention is what spiritualizes things. Attention to the meal you cook, the clothes you wash. Attention is love. And that’s transformative.” — Karen Maezen Miller
  • Thu, 07:10: Why I'm still blogging https://t.co/RO4TJYOAZk / today's little #blog offering https://t.co/pdv8oairxP
  • Thu, 07:47: My first wasp sting of the year. The poor little creature was half asleep; it sure woke me up!🤣
  • Thu, 12:00: Embercombe Online - Dark Road Dreams - with Stephen Jenkinson https://t.co/YKsfXxPB7A
Tags: #blog, #diewise, #grief

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