Why I'm still blogging

I'm blessed.

And I feel that each time I sit down to write. 

Over the past few months, I've never lost interest in blogging. Mind you, the energy levels have been a bit up and down but I've always shown up.

In the beginning — and we are talking well over a decade now — it was about being seen, building a tribe (see Seth Godin's book of the same name) and helping to grow a business. I failed on all three counts. No regrets. None. Why? Because it instilled in me one hard truth: blogging is about nothing more than answering the need to express myself. 

It's art. Pure and simple. 

Of course, you may have a different orientation and that's fine but even allowing for the disparate and sometimes disjointed subject areas I choose to write about, it's the only form of self-expression that I've returned to over and over again. 

And that feels (not in an egoic way) good. Very good.

I'm 53 going on 90 😁 and I ask myself whether in the next few years I'll still feel inspired to blog? I don't know. So much can change in such a short period of time, but something tells me, whatever it's called, I'll still feel compelled to write. It's not that I feel anything I say is worth powder and shot but if nothing else, it's my therapy or at least it's therapeutic to take out another blank sheet of paper and reveal something of my soul. Whether I'll want to or need to share it publicly, I'm not sure. 

But again, perhaps I'm making too much of things. Or to put it another way, I just need to get out the way and let my muse have her way. If I do that I won't have to worry too much save for not getting lost over and over in the existential weeds.

I appreciate that these few words don't really answer the question I've posed but, right now, it's all I've got. I'd be lying though if I didn't admit to wanting to return to the early days of blogging where I was compelled and driven to open up a dialogue around organisational change in professional services — that's law to you and me. Despite my deep misgivings about the business of law, I know that given half a chance I'd jump at the opportunity to write and speak about what a more beautiful world professional services might look like. Don't guffaw. I'm serious. I know that by asking a more beautiful question than 'How can we continue to make great gobs of money for the partners?', I could, at the very least, start a conversation that might ripple beyond the C-suite. 

Ah, sod it, who really cares about all this work-place nonsense? Let's face it, blogging shouldn't be such a serious endeavour. It should be fun and engaging and not another part of the sales pipeline. Yuk😬😬.

That's a wrap then.

Tis that time again — me and Alfie out on the saunter.

I'm not expecting much on the photography front today by dint of the inclement weather, but I'll try to share one or two pictures.

Blessings ❤, Ju

Photo by Daniel Olah on Unsplash


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