We miss so much

South Brent, Devon, England
South Brent, Devon, England

I love this picture. 

I took it at the beginning of the year, at the start of another walk with Alfie.

It's the light but looking at it again, it's not just that but all of life.

But we miss so much of it.

We're way too busy.

That was me, pre-lockdown: always rushing forward at a million miles an hour. 

Now, things are very different. 

Of course, back in February/March the conversation was about the quietude and clean air and how we might retain some of this newness in the months and years to come. That appears to have gone out the window. It's all about 'business as usual'.

I'm lucky. I've still got a job and, as yet, there's no push to get me and my colleagues back working in the office. In fact, the way things are shaping up, I suspect we'll never go back to the good old days, even when we're out the Covid woods. Speaking personally, that will a very good thing because if nothing else, it will allow me to maintain my daily cadence that's been so beneficial to my soul.

But there's something else in the mix. A need, generally, to embrace a much slower pace of life, irrespective of the pandemic. Better still, to quietly and reverently accept that I'm not getting any younger, and my body, my mind and all my faculties need more rest. A lot more rest. (It's a bit ironic that I was awake at 4 am and got up at 4.30 am but who knows I might be tempted to have a little snooze at some point today🥱.) For me, this is huge. Previously, I'd have fought any temptation not to max out on the day. But, after a lifetime of thinking I was superhuman, what with death of Brian and contemplating the deeper aspects of my one and oh-so-precious life, I'm now making a deliberate effort to slow down and negate the temptation to fill every waking minute with needless activity. 

I realise this might come across as another new religion — embracing the slow movement and all that — but at what stage do we wake up to the truth of our situation? At the end? Possibly, but all I know is that as I slow things down, there's a quiet solemnity to my life that radiates out and I'm a better person for it. And that dear readers is more than enough to keep me focused on my daily activities and to make sure that I'm not doing too much.

One final thing. There's no 'I' — i.e. a social construct — that's willing any of this. It's just arising and all I'm doing is sharing with you what's happening in my life. Not for one minute am I suggesting that you need investigate nor follow the putative elixir of adopting a slower pace of life — why should you? — but then again, if you go to your direct experience, you might apprehend that there's a great solemnity, peace and love when we order our lives so we're not rushing through every minute like some whirling dervish. Stand looking at the sky, the sea or any vista and if you're like me, you automatically feel deeply connected and at peace. Rarely, is it otherwise the case, save perhaps when you have a Zen moment doing one of your favourite things. So, all I'm inviting (I suppose) is for you to consider your pace of life and whether it's 'designed' to enable you to be more alive to the moment or, instead, evaporate (without any connection to the moment) in the blink of any eye?

Have a wonderful day.

Take care.

Blessings ❤️, Ju.


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