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  • Sat, 12:43: Spirituality can just as easily become another form of materialism.
  • Sat, 16:35: "Humility is not a peculiar habit of self-effacement, rather like having an inaudible voice, it is a selfless respect for reality . . . " — Iris Murdoch
  • Sat, 17:50: I wonder why we have so little faith in our actual experience of life and, instead, look elsewhere for the answer(s) to who or what we are?
  • Sun, 06:00: “The flesh would shrink and go, the blood would dry, but no one believes in his mind of minds or heart of hearts that the pictures do stop.” ― Saul Bellow
  • Sun, 07:10: We're stronger than we know https://t.co/t7PFyhhPef / today's little blog offering https://t.co/R5O00zbmmc
  • Sun, 07:30: Looking out towards Brent Tor. https://t.co/W18Y4LSlCT
  • Sun, 08:16: RT @Astrid_Tontson: Good Sunday morning. Watch how mist thickens in only a matter of minutes. This happens shortly after sunrise. Nature i…
  • Sun, 09:36: We want nothing more than to be understood.

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    Sat, 12:10: Reading and listening to this. https://t.co/rl4TomnBjX Sat, 16:17: Well done @ GeraintThomas86. Richly deserved win. #LeTour

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    Sun, 12:07: Dear car driver, next time you pull out in me and then look at me with a supercilious grin, expect me to pass your number on to ze…

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    Sat, 12:05: Great to hear @ PWCycling and @ RochelleGilmore commentating on @ ITV4. Not surprised it's turned into a TTT #letour2017

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