We're stronger than we know

“A single day is enough to make us a little larger or, another time, a little smaller.”
Paul Klee

We're here for such a brief period of time.

Born one day, gone (almost) the next.

Somewhere in the mix, we try our best. 

We honestly do.

Some achieve great things — apparently — whilst others, well, they live in the shadows or off the radar but they're no less human.

But, whatever your journey, and based on my experience and mine alone, we're stronger, much stronger than we know.

I don't mean in the obvious, anodyne sense of the word but in our ability to endure, to carry on and still function — as if (sometimes) we have a choice.

I realise how, too often, we can become fixated on a narrow definition of success or happiness but beneath all the roil and disturbance, there's something almost diamond-like in quality that never goes away.

If this sounds a little too ethereal, too metaphysical then that's fine but all I know is that we have this ability to take more than we give and perhaps, just perhaps (and as hard as it is to swallow), we should be more celebratory of the valour of our spirit even when we're caught on the rocks of despair.

In the real world, I understand that it's hard, real hard, particularly in the face of (right now) a grievous pandemic, to hold steadfast to any truism (no, not the one with a capital 'T') but step back if you're able from the daily vicissitudes and consider the marvel that is the human form — your human form. On first blush you may not like all you see but I'd wager there's more to admire, even in our ability to endure, or especially in our ability to endure than may otherwise appear the case.

But, as Paul Klee's quote makes clear (not chosen at random, I promise you), whatever our current state, we can grow a little smaller or a little larger depending on the way we set our daily sail.

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Take care.


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