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Poem of the day

I've been sharing poems here for a couple of weeks.

It was no more than an experiment, much like the quotes that I did for a while.

I've decided to gently retire them and instead (not daily) to share my poems. And, yes, I know that sounds a little grand when I say 'my poems', but I feel I need a new outlet to share my poetry however and whenver that shows up. I used to do a similar thing on Tumblr but I've stopped showing up there simply because I don't get the constant 'recommended people' that I'm supposed to follow. One or two is fine but not a few hundred over the course of a week.

As regards my inspiration for my words and musings, it's hard to put my finger on things but nature, work, life -- lots of that -- and relationships are most certainly in the mix.

Thanks for bearing with me.

Blessings, Ju.
Tags: life, love, nature, poetry

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