jusummerhayes (jusummerhayes) wrote,

Pay Attention!

It's oft repeated, but how often do you (purposefully) pay attention to:

your breath?
your repetitive thoughts?
your words?
the spaces between the words?
what's not said by you and others?
how you listen?
what you eat?
how you eat?
where your food comes from?
how much you're saving?
how much your spending?
how much you're giving away?
how much of your time you squander?
how much you do?
how little you do?
slowing down?
speeding up?
embracing fear?
running from your fears?
the depth of your love?
the power of love?
the love of love...but for the right things?

The truth is...we don't pay attention, not nearly enough.

When we do, we're apt to talk about some aha moment that, for whatever reason, has lain dormant.

If we want to live our lives differently -- not through the lens of some I-must-have-it-all, hedonism but something much deeper -- then paying attention to this moment...and the next is far more powerful a mechanism for your unfolding then any amount of external stimulus. But of course it's hard -- the mind makes it so -- but even something so simple as listening to birdsong, or the sound of wind rushing through the trees, or children laughing is enough to wake us from our narcissistic torpor.

Try it.

Try paying attention to this moment.

It may just be the most meaningful thing you ever do.


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