jusummerhayes (jusummerhayes) wrote,

My tweets

  • Sun, 09:31: Dropped daughter #3 off at work. So proud of her. No drama, and just gets on with things.
  • Sun, 10:39: Rhapsody in Blue -- a new album by Julius Katchen.
  • Sun, 10:50: Tomorrow it will be a week ago we buried Brian and three weeks since he died. He had an amazing, wonderful life but… https://t.co/yZ8lsBLQMJ
  • Sun, 11:05: @MJCarty have you listened to Logic's new album? Just giving it a whirl and loving it.
  • Sun, 11:15: The Puppet-Player https://t.co/xzpFEIgPlY
  • Sun, 11:22: Really impressed with @SnapfishUK / great service and so easy to use. I'm printing off some South Brent pictures to put into frames.

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