Life - our greatest teacher

Do we?

Listen to what our 'life' is saying to us?

I didn't...for a long time. 

To be honest, I think the rubric a little lazy. If it was that easy — i.e. growing in wisdom in the gaze of our life experience — we'd be in a very different place; namely, settled, at peace and even blissful. 

But we seldom are. Instead, life always seems to conspire against us.

Perhaps we have to live a long time to finally admit that all the hurry-scurry wasn't worth the effort but then again, it sure seemed important at the time. The thing is, if someone had told me I'd have to suffer a near-death experience to wake up to life, I might have listened a bit harder to the few people who questioned my zeal for 'doing' and being utterly closed off to seeing the world through any other lens than (...don't laugh) career success. But then again, I might have ignored them and carried on much the same as before. 

I think they call it an insight. Yes, that's it. Something to wake us up. My insight was to read the Heart Sutra. How odd. Why should a few, almost non-descript lines from an ancient text make me ardently question my life's aims and games?

It's a bloody good question, but it made me, or rather I was expressed to follow, the scent of something much more powerful: 

Who am I?

And now?

Well, as I said in yesterday's post, there's no seeking of any answer to that interminable question but instead an acknowledgement of the happening of the moment. Did my life say that to me as a headstrong, manically obsessed 20-something? No, not really. I knew there was something out there waiting for me but I could never quite put my finger on it. An unlived life, perhaps; but certainly I knew that being me wasn't just about putting myself through the proverbial wringer with a view to scaling a business or being successful.

What am I really trying to say?

Look within is perhaps the best advice I can give — not that that's my schtick these days. Better still, to ask yourself why you pay attention only to your thinking, assuming that that's all of you when it's such a small part of your beingness. 

In the end, though, as I've said many times before, none of this really matters. We might think it does but if you're able to at least question if there is, in fact, a doer — a 'me' — pulling the levers, you might, and it's a slim chance I know, recognise that there's no one directing the show, but instead, much like nature, our life is in constant flow and we'll go where we go and do what we do. And that's what our life is, truthfully, all about.

“It isn't by getting out of the world that we become enlightened, but by getting into the world…by getting so tuned in that we can ride the waves of our existence and never get tossed because we become the waves.”
Ken Kesey, Kesey's Garage Sale

Have a wonderful day.

Blessings, Ju.

Photo by Isaac Quesada on Unsplash

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