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South Brent, Devon, England
South Brent, Devon, England
Because love is the mother of grief and praise, and its lack causes us to be consumed by the starving ghosts of those of our companions whom we have not learned to love, ghosts whose presence generationally escalate into a terrible cursed existence of addiction, hardened hearts, epidemics of conflicts, and even never-ending series of wars, we can only conclude that love is health! Because they can avert suffering among future generations by helping to keep people healthy and conscious about the sanity of learning to love those around us, it would seem then that both grief and praise are very practical versions of love in motion. The eloquence of our own affection for one another keeps the world healthy. Praise and the depth of our grief expressed for one another keeps the world in love. Love is health. — Martín Prechtel, The Smell of Rain on Dust (pp. 74-76), North Atlantic Books, Kindle Edition.


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