We're only human

“We have to dare to be ourselves, however frightening or strange that self may prove to be.” ― May Sarton

Good morning.

It's Friday. 

It's been a long week, full of pain, suffering and grief.

If it's not already obvious, Brian's passing has hit me hard. Don't ask me why but I've had this recurring thought that he's one of the few people who actually loved me for who I was (and am) — no judgment. And sadly, I've not many people in my life who I can talk about in those terms.

I know these deep feelings of loss will soften in time and I'll find a plethora of things to remind me of Brian's naughtiness and shenanigans but, for now, it's all pretty raw. 

But this — Brian's passing — is life, right?

All of it.

We're human after all, no different to all the other mammals on the planet, save that we've got a slightly more developed brain. And for me at least, I keep returning to that truism, however hard it is right now. 

Better still, to think of life as the universe in motion. I accept that this slightly off-hand, other-worldly purview seems out of sorts at a time like this, but, in another way, it's also a great comfort, particularly when I measure it against and get close to nature, as I do every day on my walk with Alfie. Think about it. Nature is one continuous change. It can't be anything different. It comes into life, it does its thing — however it's expressed — and then it dies. In its death it gives birth to something else, mostly in giving back and being part of the earth. Strange as it sounds, that's what Brian's passing will do for us all. It will remind us what's possible and how our life-force might ripple out across the eons if we operate from a place of love, non-judgment and a dogged pursuit of something purposeful.

Anyhow, onwards as they say — forever onwards.

Have a wonderful day.

Take care.

Much love ❤️, Ju

Photo by Jonathan Cosens Photography on Unsplash

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