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Writing outside of Livejournal

As I've explained before, I rarely write directly to Livejournal. My main gripe is the fact that I've not yet discovered how to save posts, beyond the one I'm writing on, and even then it's very glitchy -- I've lost more than a handful to the ether.

Up until quite recently I wrote everything to Google docs and then copied the text across to Livejournal. I particularly liked the fact I could spell check and use the hyperlink function in Google docs which has a search function, saving the time of having to cut and paste the Url. But, of late, I've had a few issues, particularly regarding formatting with numbers and bullets. (I know this is all to do with corrupted HTML, but I can't be bothered to dig that far down in the weeds and sort out every line of code.)

More by luck than chance I think I've stumbled across a solution that seems to work much better:

1. I've installed Grammarly on my PC -- it's a really neat piece of software that, even in non-premium format, gives you a spell-check function and some rudimentary grammar prompts (I'm sure the premium version will come with all the bells and whistles);

2. I've gone back to using Draft, which simply says: "Write better with Draft. Easy version control and collaboration to improve your writing." I know that I'm writing using markdown (see http://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/) which makes the unscrambling part unnecessary (up to now).

I know this looks complicated but given the space I occupy, it's important for me to make sure I produce something that both looks good and reads well (whether you want to read it is another matter!).

I'm also proposing to adopt this regime for my main blog (juliansummerhayes.com) where I've decided to start writing again.

If you follow me on Livejournal or pick up my posts from elsewhere (Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+), you've probably worked out by now a few things that interest me; namely:

1. Radical self-enquiry;
2. Social media;
3. Cycling;
4. Music; and
5. And a few small snippets about the Sumemerhayes clan.

And this is all great...but there are several things missing that I don't feel I want to introduce to Livejournal. In essence, my writing and speaking need to come life to a greater extent and I'll use my main site (Wordpress) for that purpose. This doesn't mean that I won't be posting something every day, as I've done since 14 December 2014, but instead those aspects that I monetise, i.e. writing, speaking and coaching, need to be kept in a place where I always envisaged my work would come from.

I don't want you to think that Livejournal is just a bit of fun -- it is great fun as a platform -- but it's not suitable for anything more than I've been doing over the last few months. Does that make sense?

It would be great to know how you use Livejournal. Speaking to my brother, who's been on the platform for these last few months, he writes direct to the platform and seems to manage fine. And I suspect that's the same for a lot of folks. But what if you've got another site (or two), how do you manage the posting and the writing process?


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