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Paying attention

Good morning.

Blimey, is it Thursday already? 

How time flies...

I'm off to see Brian (my father-in-law) this morning; yesterday, he was a little confused but I'm hopeful with the addition of a new method of pain relief that, when I see him today, he'll have slept better which will help him with his speech and recognition of things. Then again, it won't matter how he is: the important thing is that I go and see him.

How's your week been? Busy? Quiet? Same as?

One thing that I keep reading about, which I find chilling and worrying in equal measure, is the talk of mass redundancies and high, very high levels of unemployment. My heart goes out to all those people and their families affected or likely to be affected. It's long time ago since I was last unemployed, but it's savage on the soul and our sense of self-worth. I hope this doesn't come to pass, but something tells me otherwise.

ours is a life of distraction.
rarely, if ever, do we lend our attention to one thing
in substitute to something else.

in essence, attention is parsed out
— it's almost kaleidoscopic.

and, in my humble view, that means:

we never see the full beauty of what's in front of us
we listen more to the voice in our head than what's around us, and
we miss so very much.

what does it mean to pay attention?

what does it mean?

to stop running long enough to draw breath?
to look up from our phones
— better still to put them down?
to simplify our lives — every last bit of it?
to stop buying things we don't need and to concentrate on mastery, not competency?
to do one thing at a time with full, undiluted concentration?

yes to all of these, but of course,
as I've said so many times 🥱,
if we're not expressed this way
then we won't do it
we simply won't do it.

and that's fine,
I'm not here to tell you how to live
your life.

but, as I look back on my life --
all 52 years of it — I realise
how much I've missed in racing forward,
running (mostly) on empty
hoping that if I ran fast enough
I'd get to the promised land.


I sit
I wonder
I listen

well, all I'll say is that life feels very special now
and not something to be consumed
but to be savoured — moment by humbling moment.

and I know
that doing is no substitute

for being

all body, mind and soul.


blessings and much love, Ju ❤️

Photo by Constanza Angelica on Unsplash

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