Nothing (or everything) is perfect

“It is an ironic habit of human beings to run faster when they have lost their way.”
Rollo May

Good morning from a cool, slightly overcast Devon.

As they say, another day, another dollar.

Yesterday wasn't good. The virus I thought I'd shaken off, returned with a vengeance. Consequently, I'm feeling fragile today, and missed the 5 am alarm call — which isn't a bad thing, but I was simply too tired to get up.

Anyhow, I'm here and that's a blessing.

The rubric?

Is it one or the other?

I suppose it all depends on the labels you ascribe the word 'perfection' but certainly in our lives, or actually mine, I've never thought of leaning my ladder against the perfection wall and trying to climb it.

For the record, in my younger days, being an argumentative soul, a few people would say to me: "You think you're perfect, don't you"? Did I? No, not really. But I did assume, much to my chagrin, a rather holier-than-thou position where I thought, for no reason I can now discern, an attitude of (faux) superiority.

These days?

I show up, do my thing and try not to ruffle too many feathers save in the obvious and sometimes egregious cases where I can't help but speak my truth. As to the rest, well, it's going to flow whatever way it's going to flow.

Let me circle around again to my 'not knowing' theme of yesterday's post. That's really where I'm at nearly all the time apropos the perfection thing together with another favourite strapline of mine, namely, none of it really matters.

But then again, I could have this all wrong. It could be that everything, even the most challenging, heinous or devastating things are perfect. 

How so?

Well, if you accept the absence of free will and choice, everything is happening as it is and cannot be any different. That doesn't mean to say, we wouldn't love it to be or have been very different but that would mean a total reexamination of the human condition.

In the end, perhaps there's nothing in this perfection thing. Everything is just as is and doesn't need another label to try to make sense of.

We show up, we do our thing, and the rest, well, I'd like to think will take care of itself.

Blessings, Ju.


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