Saved by nature

Owley Beacon, South Brent
Owley Beacon, South Brent

Good morning.

I didn't get up at 5 am today. I needed to change my routine. Still, I managed to go for a nice long walk with Alfie who, thankfully, was able to walk properly today.

Not for the first time, I felt blessed. Touched. Alive to the aliveness of nature.

OK, I don't want to go all Woo-Woo on you, but...why is it that I feel this deep connection with nature? 

I know why? Because, I feel that I'm not separate and apart, whether I'm stood next to the River Avon, walking out across Dartmoor or sitting quietly on one of the (meditation) benches around the village. 

Of course, I might be off with the fairies 🧚🧚— haha — or lost in the reverie of the moment but I don't think so. 

Two things always emerge:

1. I recognise and accept the unfailing truth (in nature as across all areas of my insignificant life) that everything changes.

2. I'm not in control of my likes, dislikes, wills, wants, desires or thoughts no more than I am the beating of my heart, my seeing or sensing of the world; everything just happens the way it happens.

Of course, this is my experience and I'm not, as I oft remark, out to convert or preach a brand of unifying spiritualism (I'm not even sure I like that word). Instead, as I do with anyone who asks what I believe now about the meaning of life etc, it's for them, rather than listening to me (too much), to go to their direct experience of life and not to pray in aid what some other person might have said.

You might ask why I'm sharing this level of detail? I don't know. I really don't know. I mean, if I think about my previous purview of the world — i.e. amongst other things, the notion of thinking myself into a positive mood state — it all looks a little weird, even coocoo. And that's fine. To repeat: I'm not asking you to accept anything I say, and you might think it a pile of crap. But (there's always a but), if you're not willing to examine what ails you or causes you to feel a sense of dislocation from the world, then my putative brand of self-acceptance is no more weird than all those other preacher-types proselytising that you only need get X, Y and Z to turn your life around. I'm not doing that. All I'll ever do is ask you to consider your direct/actual experience of life.

who would have thought it?
to come alive
all over again.

Blessings and much love❤️, Ju

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