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Photo by Sebastian Molina fotografía on Unsplash

wreck (v.)

"to destroy, ruin," c. 1500, from wreck (n.). Earlier (12c.) it meant "drive out or away, remove;" also "take vengeance." Intransitive sense from 1670s. Related: Wrecked; wrecking.

I'm going to go out on a limb.

Covid19 should be, in a profound and meaningful way, our undoing, so that we can, much like a rights of passage or initiation ceremony, be reborn.

Will it?

In one word.


To be honest, no I mean it, I wish I could have said an emphatic "Yes" but if my scant reading of what I've seen online is anything to go by, and the few conversations I've had with friends and family no one — and I mean, no one — is sensing, let alone grasping the fact, that Covid19 should be an opportunity to be wrecked on schedule only to be reborn as someone wholly different — dare I say, more spiritually alive.

Why is that?

Two reasons: 1) Covid19 is an aggressor, a malign, malevolent force that, much like cancer, has to be beaten at all costs (whenever do we have a proper or informed conversation about the underlying causes of cancer rather than just the attritional ways we see its treatment?); and 2) who, in their right mind, wants to be wrecked, let alone stripped of their old life — as shitty as it might have been — to (in all likelihood) live with less and, inter alia, in service to a higher force, be that nature, a deity or our spiritual unfoldment?

I know how many things I'm assuming in writing this post — it's just on the cusp of acceptable — but then again, imagine it. Imagine a place where we were gathered in, loved and then offered a mighty ceremony to birth us from the ego-world with is rabid consumption-based habits, not to say our predilection towards comfort at every turn, towards something whole, something nourishing and evincing of true self

For me at least, all I can say is that the most profound period of my not-very-eventful life was not when I was learning my legal craft with infectious enthusiasm, or being mentored, or even when I reached the lofty heights of Chief Executive Officer. No, the time I remember most for personal development (please don't confuse this with the 'be all you can be' exhortation but instead think of it as embracing limits) was when I suffered a subarachnoid haemorrhage, had three days in hospital and then a further six weeks at home to convalesce. It was during this time that my world literally fell apart, and, as I've quoted many times, I did what Osho had invited me (and others) to do, namely "Drop [the] becoming". In truth, it wasn't a positive act. It just happened, firstly by reading the Heart Sutra and then, just as importantly, going on a journey, over many years (and it's still continuing) of radical self-enquiry — think Who or What am I? 

Perhaps the being 'wrecked' analogy with Covid19 is too aggressive, too off the mark but then again, I do wonder if there isn't a higher message that we're all being sent which we're simply not looking out for let alone hearing? What if this was our Damascene moment, which might then mean we save something more than the next 30ish years to look forward to in order to dine out on all those delicious experiences we've previously gorged on, and, instead, woke up to the possibility of profound and meaningful change in our lives?

I don't know.

Perhaps I'm taking this entirely the wrong way. I mean, for god's sake Ju, people are dying — good, decent people — and all you're thinking about is conversion from a solipsistic world to something more wholesome, more generative and loving of Gaia. Yes, I suppose that's it.

But if not now, when?

When will we see the light and realise that if we don't change our ways then even the most optimistic amongst you can't possibly see a way forward, let alone a way out of the mess we've created for ourselves? (See here and here.)

What do you think?

Do you think we need first to get through and resolve Covid19 before we can even begin to talk about a more beautiful world and how we, qua humans, have to be, can only be, the genesis for change? And what then does that mean where our largely destructive habits are so ingrained that it's hard to see how anyone or enough of us can move the conversation towards something more loving of this once rich and plentiful planet, to one that's being stripped bare with increasing alacrity?

Sorry, I know that's pretty heavy for a Sunday but it's what showed up today.

Thank you for reading.

Take care.

Much love, Ju


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