jusummerhayes (jusummerhayes) wrote,

Using or abusing social media

“In the 18th Century William Blake saw Heaven in a grain of sand. Most people nowadays can't even see the writing on the wall.” -- Dean Cavanagh

For me, social media was an escape from law, but more than that to see the world through a different lens.

To begin with I didn’t have a clue -- if anything, I felt like Charlie Bucket entering the gates of Willie Wonka’s factory.


In short, as I knew was the case, it was never about me but all about them. Let me repeat that. It’s not about you or your product or service or what you say you can do, but what’s in it for the other party.

And before you tell me you know that, go check out your or your company’s social media efforts and let me know what you think.

You might ask why I make such an obvious but ignored point. Simply because even if you’ve nailed the Why and How of your business, until you flip your so-called efforts, you’re going to make no headway.

I’m not suggesting you go create a mountain of free giveaways or the like, but instead to go much deeper in understanding exactly what it is that people show up for (it’s seldom more information). Absent some or any enquiry, I fear you’re going to go round and round in circles.

Of course, you might not be turned on by social media, and that’s fine, but trust me when I say that your customers are but not as you currently understand the position. If it were otherwise, you’d have achieved levels of engagement that are out of the park.


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