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One quick question.

Am I supposed to use the new Post editor, or the old one? They seem quite different and up until very recently, I was using the new one.

Anyhow, here I am, just after 5 am. Coffee poured. 

Normal service is resumed.

For the record (mine only), I'm loving my coffee sent from Stefan Powell of the Fresh Water Coffee House, particularly now that I've got my Aeropress back from the office. It's so fresh, clean and feels like the way coffee should be drunk. And yes, if that, in these straightened times, sounds a tad ostentatious and/or our grandiose, I don't give a flyin' fig. It's one of the few *coughs* luxuries left!

So, the Prime Minister has, at last, put his foot down and spelt out the Rules Of The Game. Thank god. I'd say it's too little too late but then again, what do I know? I'm no expert! 

(Oops, in case you're wondering, that's a tilt at all those people who, overnight, have turned themselves from experts on, inter alia, Brexit, the Constitution and the new world order into immunologists. As far as I'm concerned they can all take a flyin' ...You get the point.)

Patience. What of it?

Well, my parents, and theirs I suspect, used to say ad nauseum: "It's a virtue"

To hell with that!

I was on a mission to get somewhere. Patience: that's for losers.


Just plain dumb.

I mean, it might have been apposite to ask myself a more important question first like, ermm, where exactly are you headed? 

Or, who is it that feels compelled to trample everyone and everything underfoot to get somewhere? 

You get my drift.

It took, and apologies for repeating myself, a nasty whack to the head before I woke up to what was really happening. 

Did it make me more patient?

A little but truth is, even as mixed up as I was not knowing if I wanted to practice law, let alone work in an office, I've never really embraced patience. Oh sure, I've slowed as I've aged, but I've never taken my foot of the doing it, doing it, doing it gas.

The problem for me is that I'm caught betwixt not wanting to waste a moment of my precious, heaven-sent life (or whichever God/Godness bestowed me with my incy-wincy gifts) and holding back long enough to realise that this moment is so vast, so pregnant with spiritual opportunity, that my role is simply to sit with it and see what, if anything, arises.

And I suppose, right now, despite the troubled times and feeling a little vulnerable, I might at last realise that being at home with restricted access to pretty much everything, might be the best, dare I say, only time, to fully embrace patience.

So, right now, I'm going to start talking more about hibernation as one way of thinking what an animal does when they go, temporarily, to sleep. That doesn't mean I can stop doing the legal work but it does mean I need to gently wean myself off of social media and, most of all, any and I mean any unnecessary stimulation. 

And trust me, that's much, much harder than it sounds particularly when I've spent a lifetime collecting, books, pens and bikes to keep me entertained.

*Loughs audibly as he types those last few words*

But of course, words mean nothing absent action (or non-action!), and whilst it's still my intention to post something to LJ — daily, if at all possible — like I say, if this isn't an opportunity to recalibrate so much of my worn-out, running-on-empty life, I don't know what is.

Stay safe.

Stay away from people.

And keep washing them hands.

Blessings, and love.


Photo by Fathih Latheef on Unsplash


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