Oh so very ordinary

It's 9.30 am. 

I've been up a few hours and, in that time, I've washed the dishes, said hello to the dog, eaten breakfast with my youngest daughter, driven her to work and enjoyed a soul-nourishing walk around Dartington Hall near Totnes.

Oh, and as I washed a second batch of dishes on my return, I decided to play Simon & Garfunkel; I felt very emotional given how much of my childhood was suffused with their music. (My parents didn't have the same passion as me but they did buy a few S&G albums which we enjoyed together.)

This is life, right?

Just there.

No desire; no avoidance; no grand plans. 

Just letting things happen in an ordinary way.

I wish sometimes we could see that; namely, there's nothing to be, to get or to avoid when we embrace the present moment, even if it's often a mixed bag of emotions. 

But we don't.

We want it special, and replete with all manner of contrived things. Not just that but we live in this rarified world where we measure our lives by what everyone else is doing or has.

I'm not saying we shouldn't try to improve our lot but too often we rush around making plans, writing prolix lists and thinking we need to do more in order to get on.

We don't.

We just need to be — and drop everything else.

But I was like that and to an extent, I still am, particularly when I find myself in a funk with the parlous state of the world. I know I'd be much better off if I applied my zeal to being in the present moment and not chasing after something better.

I think that's one of the reasons I find such joy in poetry and music. It's not just the reverie or the connection with my soul, it's the fact that my mind quiets and I connect deeply with the Gods of old. I know that sounds a bit odd but I feel that someone or something is looking after me and it's only when I get deeply quiet that I hear what they're trying to say: slow down, stop taking things so f* seriously and enjoy this moment for it's the only one you've got and will ever have.

Being ordinary. Perhaps that would be a better strap-line than awaken, to true self.



Photo by Benjamin Balázs on Unsplash


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