"Feeling is the secret bridge that penetrates solitude and isolation. Without the ability to feel, friendship and love could never be born. All feeling is born in the heart. This makes the human heart the true jewel of the world." — John O'Donohue, Benedictus 

At the deepest level of our humanity resides love.

There is nothing else.

Sadly, nowadays, it (largely) gets twisted to suit our needs and wants.

If I think about the most loving people in my life, it's my grandparents, Peter and Lorna. He was a hospital porter who looked after Gran, who was blind and deaf, for over 50 years. I never saw them argue less still have a crossed word — and whilst I know you've heard that before, seeing it in action is an entirely different thing.

My relationship with love has, I'm bound to say, been tainted by my parents' relational and not absolute view. It's taken me a very long time to disentangle myself from that infestation. 

I wish, much like the 60s generation advocated for, that we could rekindle the love conversation once more. It's sorely missing across all areas of our lives, especially in politics, commerce and, yes, even in the third sector. Just imagine it: to lead with love in every conversation, every interaction and every situation. 

But then again, perhaps I've got this all wrong. Love is love and it doesn't need a platform to expose it to a new conversation. It just is and from that place all we need remind ourselves is that out beyond the fields of our imagination lies a quiet, deeply human place where we can all come to alive to who we are at the deepest, most profound level.



Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

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