Reconnecting with life

Good morning.

Yes, I'm still on holiday, but my alarm woke me up at 5 am and, here I am, a little later, typing this blog.

But I love it. 

Seriously. I love the fact that I can create, share and get your feedback/comments. It's not that I'm on some ego trip 👍 — of course, I might be! — but instead, I love the possibility that each post offers, even if no one reads it.

Life's a bit like that, isn't it?

Sure, it's not perfect (by whose standard?) but it's better than, well, not being here (see Die Wise by Stephen Jenkinson). 

In the night I had some strange dreams. One keeps coming up, namely the idea of assuming the skills, powers and attributes of a small cohort of people. This time, perhaps infused with my reading of Ant Middleton's book, First One In, was the skills etc. of the best 100 SAS people in the world. 

Now, why on earth would I want to acquire those skills? What the hell would I do with them? I don't even want to think 🤔 about it. Without wanting to sound a bit loopy, I'd much rather acquire the skills of the best 100 cyclists, or lawyers, or writers not only because I'd have an inkling what to do with all that mastery but it would complement my life and make me rich — LOL. 

But then again, I think of those films where the evil/mad character takes the protagonist's skills and amps them up by a thousand times and, you guessed it, kills him/her-self in the process. 

Ah, where would we be without dreams?

I've not got anything planned for today other than going to the gym with the youngest daughter. I've definitely noticed that my strength has increased over the last couple of weeks in and around some of the foundational training exercises — e.g. deadlift, bench press and lat pull-downs. I do want to turn this into something more than just a pretty body. I've been toying with doing some sort of cross-country, fitness event. I'm not yet ready to do the research — my running needs to get a lot better — but it's nice to have the feeling return of wanting to compete.

I'm also starting to think about a few ideas around the vegan scene. I'd love to do more cooking and perhaps try to find a niche around some of the Devon produce like cabbage, carrots, parsnips and potatoes. It's nice we've got all these exotic products but it's not sustainable in the long run. I suppose it's a case of looking for substitutes which I know is going to be difficult but not impossible. 

If I get a chance today, I'm also going to pick up my calligraphy pens and have a play. I've got loads of ideas but they're not going to be worth much unless I actually do something.

I'm on a roll. 

One last thing: today, I'll record a short monologue. I've no idea the subject but I feel like I need to say a few things. I'll share the link to Mixcloud.

Isn't it strange that my appetite for life has changed in the space of less than a week? I mean that's what it feels like. It feels like a part of me — the very curious part — has reappeared as if by magic. I do hope 🤞 that the feeling doesn't leave me the moment I step over the threshold at work (next Monday).

Anyhow (as I always say 😊), I hope you have a lovely day or are having one.



Photo by Warren Wong on Unsplash


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