Good morning

The end of another work week.


In any event, I'm now off on holiday for a week. 

I'll take a few days to recover my soul 😊 and after that, well, I aim to do as little as possible. Famous last words I know, but I really do need to stop running all over the place and I don't just mean physically.

Sit. Breathe. Relax.

I've got plenty to read and, if the mood takes me, I'll do some painting and some very amateurish calligraphy.

How was your week?

What were the high/low points?

I know you're fed up with me saying it (...one more time) but we're so lucky to be here, even if, or especially if, it doesn't feel like that. 

It's such a drag.

But just think about it: if you weren't here then...?

My two eldest daughters appear to have gone into hibernation. I'm sure they're super busy, but I take it as a good sign, not adverse, when it's radio silence. I'm not saying I don't like to hear from them but they've got their lives to lead and I don't want them to feel they have to contact me out of some time-honoured duty. They don't. I will though write a letter to daughter #1 and my parents. I've rather got out of the habit of letter writing but it's a lovely thing to do.

Daughter #3 isn't coming with us to Cornwall — we're taking a few days off — but she'll be fine; I suspect she's quite looking forward to the time on her own. 

I'm going to take my running stuff with me. Having got back into the gym I don't want to do nothing. If I'm able to I'll run along the cliff path. It's an amazing spot, and I'll try to share some pictures here and on Insta. 

One last thing: I'm very grateful for the opportunity to write on Livejournal. I know that might sound odd but since returning to the site, it's rekindled my love of blogging and that, for me, is a very good thing. I know that sometimes my posts can seem very abstract but that's just what shows up.

Much love, Ju


Photo by Philipp Reiner on Unsplash


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