Thank you

Yep, it's that time again ☕.

I can't say it was the greatest night's sleep — Alfie decided that he needed company 🐶 — but, hey, give it a couple more days, and I've got a week's holiday with which to rest and recuperate.

In yesterday's post, I took aim (not for the first time) at the use of words without really considering their meaning. Or better still, the obsession, or so it seems to me, of taking a meme and running with it so that you and said thingamabob become indivisible. 

(Happiness, emotional intelligence, stress-busting and even social media is in the mix.)

Can you be a little less oblique, Julian?

What I mean to say is that everyone is selling us something ("sell, sell, sell") but are they 'it', in the same way as their name, their personality and the rest of their human frailties? You'd certainly think so by the amount of time they devote to their craft, together with the fact that they seem unable to talk normally, and repeatedly plant some hackneyed words in everything they share online and off. I understand they've got to make a living, but I'm a little weary of seeing so many people tell me and others that this is the only way to live out the rest of my life if I want to be (as examples) mega, mega-successful, happy 😀😀 or I want to eradicate all my supposed peccadillos. 

Hang on, aren't you doing the same with your happy-clappy, true Self talk?

In a way, yes, but then again, without trying to sound holier than f* thou, no.

I mean, how can I sell you on something you already are? 

At best, or so I'd like to think, all I can do is point you in the direction of something that's ineffable, practically indescribable and, in many ways, doesn't need me or the rest of the spiritual troopers trying to turn you on to something as if it was some new-age elixir. I know I'm splitting hairs and very likely to get myself into a bit of bother, but I don't feel that this is an all or nothing affair (I've a full-time job which isn't remotely connected with my online writing), neither do I think you've got to study your arse off, buy a new personal development programme, nor shed, first, this layer of human-conditioned skin and then the next, to turn your life around.


All you need do, as Osho so beautifully said is:

"Be — don't try to become."

Of course, that doesn't sell, does it?

What you mean, I've just got to be myself?



Or to put it another way, not to assume that there's any place better than now that's going to turn you into something different.

You are you, right here, right now, and nothing I say (or others) is going to change that. And even though it's not the language I'd typically use, it's about owning it, even the bits that you despise or find repulsive.

But you've headed this post "Thank you". Indeed I have, because, without resorting to the usual blithe messaging around gratitude, if we could only acknowledge the sacredness of this moment, the only one we have, I believe that rather than running off to the hills seeking another turn of the personal development wheel, we'd sit down, breathe and say a heartfelt, thank you.

Thank you for this life, the one I've been gifted which despite the ups, downs and, frankly, plethora of depressing, egregious moments, is the only one I've got. 

Does that mean you've got to kick the living daylights out of it and max out every moment? It might do, but then again pausing to remember that the little and sometimes big things that bring you complete, unadulterated joy, might be all you need to stop chasing something else and actually be yourself.



Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash

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